St. Ignatius High School

St. Ignatius High School

1911 West 30th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113

A Saint Ignatius student is intellectually competent. In our classrooms and around the city, students explore concepts, ideas and lessons under the guidance of remarkable teachers. At the heart of our mission is an intellectually rigorous course of study that challenges students to think critically in the classroom, around the city and in all aspects of life. Legendary teachers encourage and inspire students to strive for excellence in their studies to become thoughtful citizens of the world. Our Jesuit commitment to cura personalis means our students develop into more than just excellent scholars. They become men strong in mind, body and spirit who are prepared to answer the question, "What does God want from me?"

Virtual Open House
Not at this time.
Wildcat tours: September 13, 2021 - December 10, 2021

Application Deadlines
January 30, 2022
Scholarship & Placement Tests: October 30, 2021
FACTS: November 15, 2021

Application Process
Prospective students who do not attend Diocesan schools must submit a non-Diocesan application form on I-Apply, Saint Ignatius High School’s new admissions portal. The application will become official upon the receipt of the non-Diocesan application form and transcripts, in addition to other required forms. Applications are due no later than January 30th.

Tuition & Tuition Assistance
Yes, there is a tuition, along with tuition assistance.

Available Scholarships
* Merit Scholarship
* Cleveland Scholarship Program
* EdChoice Scholarship Program

Scholarship Application Process
For more information, visit:

Academic Program/Extracurricular Activities
One of the things students enjoy most about Saint Ignatius is the opportunity to make their experience unique. Aside from involvement in sports, the arts and service, students engage in all sorts of unique programs and extracurricular activities that mesh with their talents and interests. We offer more than 90 extracurricular activities on campus, including Academic Challenge, Archery, Artists in Residence, Bakers for Others, Band, Billiards, Cats Kick Kids Cancer, Chess, Chinese, Circus, Culinary, DJ, FIFA, French, Golfers for Others, Greek Student Union, and many more. Visit for more information.

Saint Ignatius has a long, rich athletic tradition with a history of developing young student-athletes into successful men of faith and character. Saint Ignatius currently has 16 varsity sports. Of the 1,500 students at Saint Ignatius, over 1,000 participate in athletics. The Wildcats have won 47 State Championships and 12 National Championships since 1988, and many city and league titles before then. For more information, visit