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400 Mill Ave SE #901, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

Founded in 2003, Quaker Digital Academy (QDA) is a non-profit, public online school that offers K-12 students across the state of Ohio the opportunity to have access to a cutting edge online education at no cost. QDA offers a variety of exceptional and accredited curricular options to meet the individual unique needs of a student.

Virtual Open House
Not at this time.

Application Deadline
We have open enrollment.

Application Process
QDA will only consider an application as completed once all of these items are submitted:
* Student Application
* Enrollment Packet (A link to the online packet will be emailed after submitting the student application)
* Proof of Ohio Residency Submitted
An application will be marked as completed once all of the above items are received. In the event of enrollment caps, students will be considered for enrollment based on the date we receive their completed application.

Tuition & Tuition Assistance
Tuition Free Online

School Available Scholarships

Academic Program/Extracurricular Activities
QDA uses an asynchronous learning model that allows students the freedom to learn from anywhere. While students are required to meet attendance requirements, there are no designated class times so students can create their own schedule. Each course has been developed so students can learn at their own pace and show mastery for each topic. This approach allows students, their parents/guardians, and teachers to closely monitor progress and to ensure that the core course material is being mastered. To accommodate for various learning styles, each course has been developed to ensure lessons use a combination of text, audio, video, and hands on experience.

QDA combines our local Ohio certified educators with the nation's leading online curriculum designers to give students access to a large library of online courses. Listed below are our curriculum platforms that most students use while enrolled at QDA. However, QDA is also able to offer students the option to participate in the following programs:
* College Credit Plus - take some or all of your courses at a local university.
* Vocational Programs - attend a local vocational school to learn a trade and take your core subjects at QDA.
* AP Courses

87% Graduation Rate

This school does not help with job placement assistance after graduation.