Padua Franciscan High School


Padua Franciscan was built on the teachings of St. Francis and St. Clair, and we educate young men and women within a community where all are challenged to achieve academic excellence and to live out a lifelong commitment to Christ in holiness and learning. At Padua, we are a family. Your student will be known, and they will be loved.

Open House
October 24, 2021 at 4 PM
October 25, 2021 at 4 PM

Application Deadlines & Application Process
The application is filled out online in our admissions portal called MyPad. Grades and transcripts are uploaded there as well, along with teacher recommendations.

Tuition & Tuition Assistance
Yes, we have a yearly tuition.
Tuition assistance is need-based and evaluated through FACTS. Please complete the online FACTS application by November 23, 2021.

Available Scholarships
* EdChoice Scholarship
* Cleveland Scholarship Program
* Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program
* Diocese Tuition Assistance

* Placement Test Scholarship
* Music Scholarship
* Class of 2025 Scholarship
* Miscellaneous Scholarships

Scholarship Application Process
Each application process differs, but most are due on November 15th. More details can be found on our website at

Academic Programs/Extracurricular Activities
MedTrack, a four-year advanced science track focused on helping students explore and prepare for careers in healthcare. MyTrack, which includes a rigorous curriculum, 21st century skill sets, career exploration (including shadowing professionals & having a speaker series), project-based clubs for hands-on experience in those fields, and professionalism (such as soft skills, interviewing, time management and speaking with confidence). We offer Business, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, and Studio Art Tracks. Padua offers 30+ clubs and organizations along with 20+ varsity sports.

100% Graduation Rate

98% of students attend a 4 year university or trade school after graduation and the other 2% enter into the military.

Padua offers job placement assistance after graduation.