MC2STEM High School

9th Grade:
601 Erieside Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114 | 216.838.8550
10th Grade:
2415 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115 | 216.838.8520
11th & 12th Grade:
Rhodes Tower West, 2124 Chester Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115 | 216.838.8500

MC2STEM High School’s Mission is to model a rigorous STEM education in a non-traditional environment through trans-disciplinary curricula, hands-on projects, and community partnerships. Our mission is to engage and enrich all students' by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills, and empowering them to achieve their personal, academic, and community goals.

Virtual Open House
Not at this time.

Application Deadline
We have open enrollment.

Application Process
All students must apply through the Cleveland Metropolitan School District Lottery. Students and families can begin choosing schools in December and January. The portal will remain open through mid-March.

Tuition & Tuition Assistance
One of the public schools among the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. No tuition is required.

Available Scholarships

Academic Program/Extracurricular Activities
Project-Based Learning at MC2 STEM High School
PBL instruction at MC2 STEM is built on rigorous ten-week projects called capstones. The focus is STEM, the capstones integrate all core subjects required by Ohio's state standards. Each capstone is organized around a theme and covers topics mapped to state benchmarks. They are broken into transdisciplinary units, each of which has a rubric, and one to two student deliverables for assessment. Rubrics are transparent to the students as well so that they know exactly what is required for mastery.

Why call it "Capstone" instead of just "Project"
A capstone is literally defined as, "the high point : crowning achievement," and we believe a students crowning achievement will be the ability to apply the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout the PBL process.