Lorain County JVS

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15181 OH-58, Oberlin, OH 44074

The Lorain County JVS (LCJVS) provides students from 13 districts in the Lorain County an opportunity to explore specific Career Fields and receive training and certifications in one of our 30 programs during their junior and senior years in high school. 9th graders have had the opportunity for 20 years to investigate our programs and to learn about expectations for success in the LCJVS programs before their junior year. The students still graduate from their associate local school district and participate in their extra curricular activities while attending LCJVS.

Virtual Open House
Not at this time.

Application Deadlines
Placement will begin at the end of February until programs reach capacity. Wait lists for programs are considered as space occurs until the end of the first week of the new school year.

Application Process
Application is available online at https://www.lcjvs.com/gettoknowus
Click Apply Now button, High School application.

Tuition & Tuition Assistance
No tuition; there are program fees. https://www.lcjvs.com/fees.aspx

Available Scholarships
There is not a cost of tuition to attend Lorain County JVS as we are an extension of the local associate school district. Students must be enrolled to LCJVS through one of the 13 local associate school districts.

Academic Program/Extracurricular Activities
Academics at LCJVS count toward graduation credits at the students' associate high school. They can also participate in career tech student organizations (CTSO's) that test the students abilities in all 30 of our different Career Fields.

97% Graduation Rate

60% of students attend a 4 year university or trade school after graduation.

This school does help with job placement assistance after graduation.