Lincoln-West School of Global Studies

3202 W. 30th St, Cleveland, OH 44109

The Lincoln-West School of Global Studies serves a diverse population through a personalized and competency-based approach. Our mission is to prepare adolescents to become knowledgeable, empathetic, and principled adults who think critically and act creatively on issues of local and global significance to build a just, sustainable, and peaceful world. We prepare students academically and emotionally to master rigorous academic standards, take ownership of their learning, collaborate, and communicate with diverse audiences, while developing skills that will prepare them for college and career.

Students at Lincoln-West School of Global Studies will master key academic competencies through personalized pathways that develop critical thinking skills, language proficiency, and ownership of their learning. Through innovative instructional program including blended-learning, small group instruction, community-based projects, and strategic partnerships locally and globally, students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to grow and succeed in a diverse and evolving global society.

Virtual Open House
Not at this time.

Application Deadline
We have open enrollment.

Application Process
Students may apply for admission via the CMSD School Choice Portal, visit

Tuition & Tuition Assistance
We are a public school that is part of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, and admission is free and open to all Cleveland residents.

Available Scholarships

Academic Program/Extracurricular Activities
Lincoln-West School of Global Studies helps prepare students to compete in the 21st century global economy. Students graduating during this era will work for international companies, compete with people from other countries, buy from and sell to the world, manage employees from other cultures, and solve global problems. For students to participate effectively in this changing world, they must first understand it.

Lincoln-West School of Global Studies ensures that our students understand the world and are ready for their future with our unique school model and four-year experience which:
* Exposes our students to the international world around them.
* Year 1 - extensive field trips, service learning projects and classroom experiences that focus on Cleveland as an international city
* Year 2 - excursions at the state and national level
* Year 3 - exposure will occur at the international level
* Year 4 - students will complete a capstone project that incorporates their global learning with work experience and individual projects that impact both their local and global communities.
* Emphasizes service learning in every subject where students meet their academic requirements by engaging the community and solving real problems for non-profit organizations and other community leaders.
* Focuses on teaching students a skill set that makes students competent citizens, workers, and leaders in a global society and economy.
* Enables students to showcase and celebrate their classroom and service learning projects twice a year with their families, community partners, business leaders, local officials in Cleveland.