Black River Career Prep High School

2015 W. River Rd N, Elyria, Ohio 44035

Career Prep is a unique alternative high school option for students ages 16-21 in Ohio. Whether you have fallen behind in your studies in a traditional school setting or are faced with barriers to overcome, our teachers and staff are dedicated to helping you succeed and earn your high school diploma.

A School Designed for You
At Career Prep, you are responsible for your education. If you’re determined to finish your coursework as quickly as possible, you can make that happen. If you are trying to juggle other responsibilities along with your schoolwork, you can pace yourself in completing your classes. Our highly qualified teachers and staff members are ready and available to help and support you throughout your high school career. Your school schedule can be flexible—the Career Prep staff works with each student to tailor an academic program to fit his or her needs. Our coursework includes a combination of computer based lessons and teacher led classes throughout the day.

With the one-on-one attention provided by our teachers, you have access to a support system and a number of services that extend beyond the classroom including job placement and counseling for higher education.

Career Prep Students
We understand that life can be busy and that new challenges present themselves every day. But, if you are motivated and ready to earn your high school diploma, Career Prep is here to help. There is no standard Career Prep student. Each of our students come to us with high school credits, barriers to overcome and more.

Some of our Career Prep students include students who are:
* Returning to high school after dropping out
* Accelerated in their studies Raising a family or preparing to welcome a child into the world
* Working to support themselves or their family
* Struggling in a traditional school setting
* Interested in credit recovery

Virtual Open House
Not at this time.

Application Deadline
We have open enrollment.

Application Process
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Tuition & Tuition Assistance
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Academic Program/Extracurricular Activities
100% of our staff care. We are called the Blue Herons. "The Black River has a history of importance for local commerce as well as a history of problems due to industrial waste. It has even been known as the "river of fish tumors." However starting in the 80's it was listed as an "area of concern" and has undergone various restoration projects. One such project was aimed at a colony of about 300 nests of herons, now known as the heron rookery. The project was heavy in cost but removed so much slag and contaminants and the Heron Rookery is now thriving today. There are other animals who have been helped but I think this transformation of the Black River is a wonderful representation for our school and our students. We do our best to remove or otherwise mitigate all the factors contributing to our students' failures to allow them to thrive even though they may come from a river of fish tumors. We help them in hopes that they and those in the community will help out their environment (home life, community, etc.)". (Lily Rofe-Black River Career Prep Staff)

This school does help with job placement assistance after graduation.