"When we attended the open house, I loved the diversity of families who were there. In fact, I appreciated the review of the curriculum during this presentation. We stay because the teachers and administrators at our school are engaged and caring. I've chaperoned field trips so I see how much these teachers get to know their kids, and how they accept and adapt to their differences. The before and after school daycare is a lifesaver for us single parents who have to work. I love that my kids have made friends who have a love of learning, a reflection of the love and commitment the parents have! Basically, we love Old Brooklyn Community Elementary because the entire school community is committed to the success of students. I am so happy my kids started their educational journey in an environment where being smart, well-behaved, independent, and kind are encouraged and rewarded."
-- Joanna P.

"My son has been in Constellation Schools since kindergarten; he will graduate this year. He has received a wonderful education from teachers that are excited to teach. The small classes have given him the opportunity to have more one on one time. I can't say enough about the wonderful experience it has been. He will be attending college in the fall to study nuclear engineering. #proudmomma"
--Shannon M.

"We came in contact with Constellation Schools in 2007. My first child attended Parma Community High and was the first graduating class of 2011. The reasons I choose Constellation system is the ratings, report card, class size. Sports was an issue for my son as there is not a wide variety. However, academics is what is important. The staff at Parma Community High is amazing. I am proud to announce he has graduated, went to college and currently owns his own company. My daughter has now started her high school years and I have three others at Madison Community. We have been with Madison since 2008 when my second child started kindergarten. I like the small class sizes, the teacher interaction, fast communication between the staff/parents and quick to resolve any problems. I commend the staff at Madison because one of my children has learning issues. The staff is absolutely amazing. They have helped him learn to the best of his ability and have a successful learning career. We have succeeded and come a long way with his academics. I am very satisfied with both schools. Thank you to the staff for all you have done for my children. I will continue to recommend Constellation Schools to other parents based on the wonderful experience our family has had at Madison Community and Parma Community High. Kuddos to both schools for an amazing job. Keep up the good work."
--Dawn A.

"I did a lot of research and weighed all my options and chose Constellation Schools for many reasons - affordable, good ratings, close to my home in Cleveland. I am so happy with my choice! I have a second grader and a kindergartner and I love the office staff and their teachers are truly the best! They actually know and care about my kids, they know their names - they aren’t just a number."
--Jen M.

"I researched all of the schools in my area and I determined that the Parma Community School in my area was the best one for my son. He just loves his teacher and the staff really care about your children. I will recommend this school for anyone."
--Jill B.

"After working for the system I chose to move my kids into Constellation once they completed 4th grade in the public system. My special needs son has THRIVED! Friends and family are amazed at the growth he has made socially as well academically. Could he have made these strides in our public system? Possibly, but having smaller classes, 1:1 technology, and an emphasis on character education and positive behavior has helped both of my children to thrive in the Constellation system."
--Stephanie S.

"I wanted my kids to go to a Christian school, but couldn't afford it, so someone told me about Constellation. I went and I visited the school and I fell in love with the teachers. The staff go above and beyond any teachers that I've known. This is our seventh year with Elyria Community School. Our goal is to send our daughter to high school for 9th grade through our Constellation High School. I can't say enough about our wonderful teachers at Elyria Community Middle and Elyria Community Elementary. I even have brought families in and they also love the school."
--Amy S.

"My sons have been in Old Brooklyn Community School since kindergarten and I love the smaller classes. Teachers can actually interact one on one with my children when needed which is amazing! The staff and teachers are very friendly and easy to talk to! Communicating with your children's teacher is very simple and the turn around time for a response is normally within 24 hours! I feel like my choice to send my boys here was just the right one and recommend this school to everyone I know!"
--Amanda R.

"My son has attended since K and is now in 6th. We stay because his school has provided him with the tools to surpass any challenges he faces. I can't explain the tears of joy when your child hits a benchmark that at one time seemed so far away. This school is a team. They care and are so willing to work with parents and kids to find the right path. I know his teachers and administrators care, everyone knows my child, which always astounds me, and it really is a sense of community. I feel my child is safe, cared for and provided the tools for success here. One of the things that resonated with me first was the character values that are a fundamental part of the school. I absolutely believe this should be instilled at a young age. As a parent, it's nice to know that message is woven throughout their day."
--Dorian L.

"We love Westpark, both Middle and Elementary. We’ve sent three kids there because of the incredible staff, great teachers, good class sizes, solid academics, and great friends we’ve made. Very happy with both schools."
--Jessica M.

"I did some research on different schools in the area, then a family member recommended Constellation Schools. After much much more research my fiance and I decided this would be the best school for our girls. My oldest will be in 3rd grade the next school year, and my youngest in kindergarten. I love the class size, the activities, all the amazing things the school does to keep education important, the awesome teachers, and most importantly my child is treated as a human being. Also, Class Dojo app is wonderful! I love that I know that my daughter is taken care of mentally and emotionally while at school. I can't think of a better place for any child to attend. Amazing school with amazing people! Constellation Schools care about your children and that is hard to find these days."
--Corina B.

"This is our second year with Elyria Community Elementary. We chose Constellation Schools because they offer full day kindergarten, the feel of private school without the heavy burden of tuition and came overwhelmingly recommended by several people. They have never disappointed. We love the teachers, the principal, and the staff. You feel everyone is invested in your child."
--Kelly B.

"Our daughter is currently in 2nd grade with OBCS & we couldn't be happier. The teachers go above & beyond (I've been so happy & impressed with every teacher she's had) with what they do and the administration really cares about each child. I also love Class Dojo! It's great to see my daughter's progress for the day & week. I also appreciate how we can reach out to the teachers or administration with any questions/concerns we have and are always treated with respect & consideration no matter how big or small the question is. I am constantly singing Constellations praises to family and friends."
--Diana C.

"My daughter is in 1st grade. Kindergarten was really hard for her, but this school worked with us and really helped my child come out of her shell. She is doing great in 1st grade. Such wonderful caring teachers and staff."
--Nicole Y.

"I will say that choosing Constellation Schools is the best decision I have made for my son and his future! He has been in Constellation since kindergarten. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the end of the 2nd grade. I heard horror stories about how school systems treated other children with the same disease from parents of other Type 1 kids, so of course I was beyond nervous. Parma Community Elementary, however, was amazing! They never made my son feel like he was a burden, and they were always on top of how he was and how he felt, and a plan was put into place to accommodate his specific medical needs, even when it was a little more difficult for them. Also, he was never made to feel different, or like something was wrong with him. He is now in the 5th grade and still a Constellation student, and will remain one through graduation! Constellation Schools have been a wonderful choice for my son and our family, and I am grateful that they are there for him! Keep up the wonderful work!"
--Margi C.