Using technology is an important part of life at Constellation Schools. We provide many technology tools to our students, to create a superior learning environment where they can explore new ways of working, delve into the practically unlimited encyclopedia of available knowledge, and understand the ways information is shared and problems are solved. Constellation recognizes the importance of learning in a safe environment, so we train our teachers to guide student learning, and back them up with a powerful set of filters and firewalls that keep our computer network focused on academic success.

We invest heavily into classroom technology and are better equipped than most public schools. Nearly every classroom is outfitted with a large interactive board, where the teacher and students can view and manipulate information on a giant computer screen. Each interactive board can be used to share an internet web quest with the entire class, or allow individual students to physically interact with digital objects on screen, moving, changing, writing, and drawing to get the point of the lesson.

We strive to ensure the success of every child in our advancing technological society. As technology is becoming more and more of a tool for 21st century learning, Constellation Schools is committed to providing every student a technology rich learning environment.