Support Services

Constellation Schools is committed to providing free and appropriate public education for children with disabilities in accordance with state and federal laws, rules, and regulations. Our Support Services program works to assist all of our schools in the following specialized areas: Psychological Services, Speech and Language Services, Occupational Therapy Services, Physical Therapy Services, and School Counseling.

Psychological Services
Psychologists employed by Constellation Schools are Ohio Department of Education licensed and have specialized training in both psychology and education. They collaborate with parents and community agencies in order to coordinate services and interventions for students. They provide consultative services to educators and are members of the school-based intervention teams. School psychologists assist in assessment, eligibility, and program planning for students with disabilities as part of a range of special education services that Constellation Schools provides. Counseling may be delivered to special education students who demonstrate behavioral difficulties that impede their educational progress. Crisis intervention is also provided when necessary.

Speech & Language Services
Good communication skills are important for speaking, listening, reading, writing, and learning at school. Some students have communication difficulties that can interfere with their ability to understand and participate in classroom instruction and impair their relationships with teachers and other children. Students who are formally identified as having communication problems that adversely affect their education are eligible to receive speech and/or language services from a speech & language pathologist. Speech & language services can be provided in a variety of ways, depending on the student’s needs. Collaboration with teachers is important to ensure the student’s communication goals are integrated into the classroom.

Occupational Therapy Services
School-based occupational therapy is available for students who are eligible for special education services. The profession of occupational therapy is concerned with a person’s ability to participate in meaningful and purposeful daily life activities or “occupations.” In the school setting, the role of the occupational therapist is to help children perform important learning and school-related activities in order to fulfill their role as students. Occupational therapy services support a child’s participation in occupations of daily living (dressing, eating, etc.), academic areas, play, leisure, and social interactions. As part of the educational team within a school setting occupational therapists work closely with the student, parents, and educators to identify the skills of the student, the demands of the environment, and appropriate solutions for interventions based on each child’s unique needs.