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Public Participation Meeting Notice

Public Participation Meeting Notice: Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary School receives federal funding through the Special Education - IDEA (Part B) grant to assist with the education of student with disabilities, ages 3 through 21. Community members who would like to learn about how the school plans to spend its federal IDEA funds are welcome to attend and provide comment during our public hearing to be held on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. at the Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary located at 15204 Puritas Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44135. If you are unable to attend, you may contact and provide comment to Meg Colwell, Principal of Constellation Schools: Puritas Community  Elementary School for information about the schools usage of its federal IDEA funds.


Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary recognized as a
School of Promise.

Constellation Schools: Puritas Community Elementary 3rd Grader really know how to interview Channel 5 Weather Man, Jason Nicholas. 
They ask all the tough questions.  Great Job!

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Puritas Community Elementary is one of the Constellation Schools, where we focus on student academic excellence, promote good character, and ensure small class sizes. Our schools prepare students to become successful, well rounded, life-long learners.
An education at Constellation Schools Puritas Community Elementary starts during the early years of kindergarten, where we begin to prepare our students to become life-long learners by developing their academic foundation and providing them with the tools to be successful in their future endeavors. Here, your child will be among small classes where they are instructed by dedicated, state-certified teachers who utilize new textbooks, current technology, and creative teaching methods to integrate Character Education throughout the state-approved curriculum.
Puritas Community Elementary sets high standards for all students based upon and above the Ohio Academic Content Standards. In addition, our school offers parents a real opportunity to be involved in the education of their child by creating a learning community where teachers, parents, and students work together to ensure academic success for all students.
All Constellation Schools are public schools with no tuition. They are privately run, proud leaders of Ohio’s charter schools, offering a choice in education for thousands of Ohio’s families.
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